5 Crazy months

El Otro at City Art Rotterdam

El Otro at City Art Rotterdam

Last update here is from mid september. A lot happened after that, but I’ve been too busy (or too lazy) to post here. Let’s pick it up again, starting with a recap of the last months.

I played a duo with Leo Svirsky at Studio Loos. We did one set with Leo on piano, another with him on the accordeon. We were happy with the results. Videos are available at YouTube: Leo on piano and me on guitar and Leo on accordeon and me on guitar.

I contributed a track to Francisco Lopez’ AudioDH project. 250 Sound artists that are somehow linked to Den Haag made a contribution. The project was presented at Korzo theater on september 22, with an algorithm mixing and matching parts of the contributions into one composition.

At the end of september I flew to Slovenia for four shows there. I did one Pulpy Blossom performance together with princess Marialuisa Capurso, and three improvised performances with local musicians. It was a wonderful time, the country is beautiful, the people welcoming and warm, and the music was amazing. Definitely one of the highlights of last year.

Early october I joined a new incarnation of underground cult band Eklin, opening for the mighty France at Worm. We played a Faust&Tony Conrad inspired set. Great to play with these guys. Later that month, I played a solo set at the finissage of an art exhibition in the gallery that is part of Worm.

October also featured three performances of El Otro, together with dancer Manuela Tessi. We played at the ADM Festival in Amsterdam, at Zaal 100 in Amsterdam, and finished at City Art Rotterdam. Felt good to play with Manuela again after a long time. There is a El Otro at City Art Rotterdam of the last show on youtube.

The end of october saw an improvisation meeting of mexican flute player Wilfrido Terazas, together with Josué Amador and Dirar Kalash at Rotterdam’s Koffie & Ambacht. An unusual setup of two electric guitars, flute and violin. The sound was probably even more unusual, and we had a lot of fun playing.

Early november I provided live music for a project Manuela Tessi was teaching at Cloud. We had a wonderful day, Manuela is a great teacher and the dancers were of very high level. We had a performance afterwards that was a lot of fun.

The end of november I played a solo show at Muziek in Transitie in Den Haag. First solo show in a couple of months, nice to try out some new stuff again.

Then, finally, at the end of december, was the last show of a mighty year. I organized an improvisational happening in my studio at Helicopter in Den Haag. Kelly Jayne Jones played a set of flute feedback, there was the duo of Miriam den Boer Salmón and Sarah Albu, and finally I played a set with canadians Ben Brown on drums and Rafaël Arsenault on violin. The turnout was above all expectations and the music was great, so couldn’t have hoped for a better ending of the year.

And now .. on to the next year!

New duo premiere


Over the past months I had some sessions with drummer Philipp Ernsting, who plays in Albatre and many other things. It’s such a pleasure to play with him, he’s very fluid, groovy, and precise, like a surfer riding an endless wave. Friday is our first show together, at the Kunstrand in Dordrecht.

Deep Dreaming Dry Desert


This year both dancer Electra Kikk and I visited a desert, Electra in California and myself the salty high deserts in northern Chile. It was a life-changing experience for both of us — the heat, the silence, the wideness, the altitude, the danger hidden everywhere. We decided to make a piece inspired by our experiences. See the full project description here. This sunday, sept 4, we play it at de Nieuwe Anita, part of the Free Fringe Festival Amsterdam.

Supernormal tour


Starting a tour to the UK tomorrow, together with City Hands. We kick it off at Helicopter in Den Haag, then go to Antwerp and Brighton. Then we are joined by Ashtray Navigations, and we play at Huddersfield, Manchester, Leeds, and finish at the Supernormal Festival in Oxfordshire. Can’t wait to play on the island, and to drive on the wrong side of the road!

Gonzo (Circus)


Gonzo Circus reviewed the Sri Maha Mariamman tape:

“‘Sri Maha Mariamman’ is een exploratie van de elektrische gitaar en haar versterker, niet zozeer in tonale virtuositeit maar juist in het proberen structureel te disciplineren van klanken die in eerste instantie alles behalve voortkomen uit het aanslaan van achter de fret ingedrukte snaren – wel eens verfrissend zo’n compromisloze, avontuurlijke gitaarplaat temidden van al dat rockgitaargeweld.
Experimentele gitarist Arvind Ganga leidt de luisteraar in een tocht langs onder meer de klank van de snaren tussen de brug en de stemknoppen, vervormde open EADGBE-akkoorden, stoffige potmeters en galmende gitaarversterkers, geschuur langs gitaarelementen en flasholettonen. Uiteindelijk komen we via een bluesy fase aan bij het slotstuk waarin zo’n beetje alle hiervoor genoemde meta-gitaartechnieken samenkomen en er warempel ook voorzichtig aangezette korte langs de hals gespeelde riffs de revue passeren. Geleidelijk aan komt ook het besef dat de onzichtbaarheid van deze studio-opname wel een gemis voor het oog is: in een live setting zou deze rituele gitaardeconstructie beter tot zijn recht komen.”

Two new reviews


Two new reviews for the Sri Maha Mariamman tape:

“.. dive into the trickier realms of free improv for a series of maddeningly skittering lo-fi experiments with guitar and found-objects (..) An interesting collection throughout, and well worth your time. Give it a listen.” by Foreign Accents.

“Zes ongemakkelijke schetsen op cassettelint. Binnen in de gitaar rommelt het, in de stemkop zindert het en uit de gemangelde hals springen, vallen en struikelen miniatuurgeluiden, strepen, vegen en krassen. De kamer galmt in grauwe lofi-tinten mee: de weidse blik van Kanga die tegen de Hollandse muren omhoogploegt. De niet altijd even eenvoudig te verteren stadsblues van Dirty Beaches, de snaarexcursies van Tashji Dorji en Six Organs of Admittance onder een blakerende oosterzon: Ganga passeert ze in wandeltempo.” Dutch review in Kindamuzik.

Still a few copies left, so get in touch if you want one!