In Manchester next week, with Colours & Shapes, a movie about master improvisers John Edwards, Phil Minton and Steve Noble. Plus master improvisers Andrew Cheetham, David Birchall and Benedict Taylor. I’m playing a duo with master improvising dancer Shelley Owen. Looking forward!

Subrahmanya reviewed

In Vital Weekly 1152, Dolf Mulder reviewed the Subrahmanya release now out on Econore:

“(…) The improvisations vary in dynamics and textures. Weird over the top cacophony and ambient-like drones go hand in hand. His approach is very physical and aggressive. He improvises from a punk rock attitude with advanced technical skills. And above all with lots of power and musical ideas. Very interesting and fresh sounding stuff! Encore!”

Busy week

Three shows in the coming week! Tomorrow a last minute trio at Neverland Cinema in Rotterdam, with Leo Svirsky and Dirar Kalash. Thursday a noise show at the Poortgebouw, also in Rotterdam. And finally saturday Riccardo Marogna and I drive to the deep south for a duo at the JazzBlazzt festival at OZO-Land. Yes!

Fading Ground in Jazzism

Review by Ken Vos in Jazzism 3 – 2018 of the Fading Ground cd. In dutch; loosely translated: “The album has the character of a work in progress that holds a lot of promise and sounds intruiging, but also has quite some unpolished sides. This production is already of historical importance.” Nice!