Two new reviews


Two new reviews for the Sri Maha Mariamman tape:

“.. dive into the trickier realms of free improv for a series of maddeningly skittering lo-fi experiments with guitar and found-objects (..) An interesting collection throughout, and well worth your time. Give it a listen.” by Foreign Accents.

“Zes ongemakkelijke schetsen op cassettelint. Binnen in de gitaar rommelt het, in de stemkop zindert het en uit de gemangelde hals springen, vallen en struikelen miniatuurgeluiden, strepen, vegen en krassen. De kamer galmt in grauwe lofi-tinten mee: de weidse blik van Kanga die tegen de Hollandse muren omhoogploegt. De niet altijd even eenvoudig te verteren stadsblues van Dirty Beaches, de snaarexcursies van Tashji Dorji en Six Organs of Admittance onder een blakerende oosterzon: Ganga passeert ze in wandeltempo.” Dutch review in Kindamuzik.

Still a few copies left, so get in touch if you want one!

Sri Maha Mariamman Reviews


Three reviews of the new Sri Maha Mariamman tape just came in:

Frans de Waard in Vital Weekly 1031: “Not always does Ganga use a lot of sound effects and certainly it makes much of these six pieces quite ‘dry’, but that’s something I enjoy very much. It is perhaps something that one doesn’t hear that much these days – music that is not drowning in a lot of sound effects. It makes this yet another wonderful Arvind Ganga release.”

Yeah I Know It Sucks said “(this) music is surprisingly different and even though it’s done with the help of an electric guitar and some objects; it sounds as if the artist had found new ways to use (and abuse) the semi-traditional instrument to refreshing proportions. (This) sounds like something that might get your appetite in sounds and music back again. (..) A job well done!”

And finally Tiny Mix Tapes: “a blend of asphalt and incense, with vibrant colors twisting into the nexus. (..) Each observation is a prayer challenged by disruptive thoughts, with the scratch-marks to prove it.”

Very happy to read such wonderful critique. If you’re getting interested, you can listen the whole tape or get your own copy (cassette or digital download) through my Bandcamp page!

Sri Maha Mariamman


New tape “Sri Maha Mariamman” out now on Toztizok Zoundz! Very happy to release on this awesome label, check out their other stuff and relentless work for underground music in Amsterdam. The tape features six pieces on electric guitar and objects, inspired by the colours and sounds of the Sri Maha Mariamman temple in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the calmness inside and the hecticness of the surroundings. Pro-dubbed C30 chrome tapes, with beautiful artwork by Helena Sanders. Get in touch for a copy, or score one at an upcoming show.



Tonight Marialuisa Capurso and I play another Pulpy Blossom set at the OCCII in Amsterdam, part of the SOTU festival. Great line up this whole evening, so come down if you’re around!

Istanbul Constantinople


Off to Istanbul! Tomorrow Marialuisa Capurso and I play a concert in the dark with our Puppy Blossom duo. Then, on the 17th, I join 3 improvisers at the MultiRAID festival. The 18th another Puppy Blossom set at the same festival. Very excited to go the border of Europe and Asia and play there ..

Help Me To Crash rides again


After almost a year Help Me To Crash plays again! Wednesday at OT301 in Amsterdam. It’s always wonderful to play with the other members, Onno Govaert, Maria Mavridou and Gosia Haduch and I’m curious to see how they have grown the past year. I’m sure this night will be great, also because Billie Hanne is playing a set as well.

Review of split with Tomás Tello


The split cassette with Tomás Tello on Andesground got a wonderful review in Vital Weekly 1021. Just a few copies available, get your copy on my bandcamp page if you’re interested!

Improvisation guitar player Arvind Ganga is from The Hague, The Netherlands and quite active when it comes to playing concerts, the natural habitat of the improvisers. So far I reviewed two of his releases, a solo cassette, ‘Saraswati’ (VItal Weekly 948) and a CDR with percussionist Rogier Smal (Vital Weekly 895). This new release is a split with Tomas Tello, who is from Peru and who also plays the guitar. Ganga has three pieces on his side of the tape, in which he plays the guitar with objects. I assume this to be an electric guitar. He plays it with great care; hard to say of course what kind of objects are used. Some metal sheets, wiring or wood is placed upon the snares and Ganga adds sparse effects to that and creates some wonderfully great music. It never bursts out, becomes a drag, but it remains playful until the end. Carefully, but not necessarily silent; delicate and sketch like but without the idea something is half finished or missing. Excellent improvised music; now that’s something I wouldn’t mind seeing in concert!

On the other side we find Tomas Tello, who plays here guitar and charango, a traditional string instrument from the Andes. Along with these uses field recordings he made in Bhubaneshwar in India. In the first piece, called ‘Electric Storm – 2 Radios – 3 Cameras – Train’ it is very hard to recognize either of that, instruments or field recordings. It seems as if Tello is taping sounds through the pick-up device of the guitar. There is some thunder outside but otherwise it sounds like feedback generated through very low means. Perhaps the sound sources are indeed radios, cameras, train and electric storm? It has some great captivating quality. Here we have a highly obscured sound but it creates a lot of richness. The other piece is ‘Máquina Natural (Charango y viento)’, in which I assume to hear the Charango, coming to me with some beautiful overtones, ringing and singing, while along
we hear some distant rain falling. This is quite a moody piece, which shares a similar
loose notion as the other piece.

Great cassette altogether.