November was quite a blast. First I played in Paris, solo and with Cathy Heyden, and then Luxembourg. Then I did a duo with drummer Onno Govaert at the Volkspaleis here in Den Haag, where we played on the massive speaker installation built by Konrad Smoleński. Such a pleasure to play with such a great musician. Video above is from this show. Then, off to Porto in Portugal, where I played a set with Javier Sasso at the Casa Viva. Javier is a noise musician from Valladolid in Spain, and he played a beautiful set that was at the same time loud, aggressive, physical, percussive and very personal and from the heart. Finally, to wrap it up, Manuela Tessi came over from Berlin and we played a sweet El Otro set at Villa K. We’ll try to get some footage of this show up at youtube sometime soon.

Paris et Cessange


Off to Paris tomorrow .. I’m playing solo at La Guillotine on sunday (see the facebook event for more info), followed by a short duo with the incredible Cathy Heyden. There are three more acts that sound very interesting so this will be well worth it if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Then on friday the 7th I’m playing in Cessange in Luxembourg (another facebook event), with Peruvian experimentalist Tomás Tello and Benny Renz solo. Three different takes on the electric guitar, can’t wait!

… And Again


Another review of the Saraswati tape, over at the great Raised By Gypsies blog:

“(..) this is also a sound all of its own. I’ve always been a fan of music when you can’t quite place what the instrument is but you have ideas, as well as the equally neat feeling of hearing a sound but knowing that it is being made by some other means and Arvind Ganga does both of these things most excellently. (..) Still, these are the sounds you cannot place but can put to perhaps the wrong source and that is why I like them: things that sound like things but are not those things.”

Read the full review here.

Saraswati reviewed


New tape Saraswati got a real nice review in Vital Weekly #948:

“(..) His guitar is played in an improvised manner, with sometimes objects and sometimes an effect. This is not easy improvised music, but in all its acoustic approach, quite a noisy one; or actually ‘raw’ is a better word. Arvind Ganga plays sometimes with the energy of a punk rock musician, such as in ‘Cut Too Deep’ with its reverse effects going round, but also when it’s a bit more introspective, such as the opening of ‘It’s Not Real’ or ‘Free Fall’ he maintains something that is haunted and strange. This is certainly not easy listening music of any kind, but raw and untamed power stuff. I wonder what the guitar looked like after this was recorded? For those seeking out the more adventurous, noisy bits from the world of improvisation. Ask him for your fast energy jam session!”

The tape is selling real fast, only a few copies left right now, contact me if you want one! (There’s a cdr version available as well, or a free digital download — see the music section for details)

On the road


I’m going on tour with City Hands and Hexeneiche! We have a very nice route to the east and back: Vienna, Bratislava, Krakow, Warszawa, Poznan, Berlin, Bremen and Groningen. Eight shows in nine days, and visiting some places where I’ve never been .. really looking forward to this! See the Shows section for details.