Split with Tomás Tello


Tomás Tello and I released a split cassette on Andesground. Two times 22 minutes abstract and playful improvisations. My side contains three improvisations, free abstract psychedelic pieces, while n the flipside Tomás combines field recordings made in Bhubaneshwar, India, with analog electronics like cameras and radios and the charango, a small Andean lute. I’m very happy with this release and I hope you’ll enjoy it too .. head over to Cassette on Bandcamp to listen!

Back from the south

20160122 cusco

Back from some shows in South America .. played in the lovely city of Valparaíso in Chile, the white city of Arequipa in Perú, and my highest show ever: in a monastery at the old Inca capital of Cusco. Was an amazing experience, can’t wait to go back ..

Noisey Weekend


Friday I’m playing a trio with Rogier Smal on drums and Romeo Mayor of the Outskirts, at Dutch Tapes in Dordrecht. I’m expecting that this will be noisy, so pretty much looking forward to it! Then monday, I’m joing the resurrected Dagora at the OCCII, together with six other musicians, no doubt that this will be super noisey so come down!