Crashing Krakow


Help Me To Crash, now with Cactus Truck’s skin beater Onno Govaert, is going back to Krakow! Sunday, I’m playing a trio with bassoon player Wiktor Krzak and Paulina Owczarek on saxophone at the infamous Alchemia. The same night, Onno is playing a duo with a Krakow drummer, and Maria is doing a silent duet with Marysi Stokłosy. The next day, Gosia joins us and we do a Help Me To Crash performance at the KRoki Festival, a one-week festival devoted to dance. Can’t wait for the vodka, the polka, the music, the dance, and everything!

Good weekend

20140220 dokhuis

Busy weekend coming up, and that’s a good thing! Thursday I’m joining Matthew Grigg (gtr) and PQ (electronics) for a noise improv session at the Dokhuis gallery. Also playing is FVVSSD (Frank Vis on electronics and Stephen Doyle on drums). And there’s amazing food before. Food is cheap and the show is free. Then friday Modern Flamenco (with dancing star Manuela Tessi) at Het Huis in Utrecht. This will be a great night, the other acts include dancers Miri Lee, Susan vd Berg and Iris van Peppen, and musicians Jongkag Park and Ori Jedlowski. Saturday solo at Maakhaven in Den Haag — it’s their end party because the city shut them down so be there and witness this incredible space for the last time. Four rooms with music and party. I’ll be in the Silver Ghosts room, with the mighty City Hands and Staplerfahrer, yeah! And finally sunday evening I’ll be playing a duo with Polish tornado dancer Malgorzata Haduch at the OT301 in Amsterdam. So fortunate to play with such great people!

MiMa #22

20140216 mima roodkapje

Tonight I’m playing at Roodkapje in Rotterdam, at the great MiMa series. Also playing is legendary Japanese guitar hero Tetuzi Akiyama and New Zealand’s Tim Coster on synths, field recordings and other found sounds. Very much looking forward to this, and hope to see you!


So .. January .. so much happened and I’m just too lazy to update this site. After the Optimus Prime Noise Fest — which was so incredibly cool — I played with Modern Flamenco at the Valreep. Very cool night, interesting show. We’ll do some more gigs in february/march, so keep an eye out for that!

Then, the last two weeks of January me and dancers Michael Wälti and Inbal Abir joined choreographer Aida Guirro Salinas for a two week research/residency in CLOUD, Den Haag. We had a great time together, researching on wishing, what it means to want something, how this affects how you play, and it was just a lot of fun with this group. We presented our results on January 31, and had some very interesting discussions with the audience afterwards.

Cinema Soloriens

20131116 cinema soloriens

This saturday I’m joining Cinema Soloriens: movies by James Harrar, with improvised music by James, Marshall Allen of Sun Ra Arkestra, and the mighty Roro. Also joining are Yedo Gibson, Anne La Berge, and Vasco Trilla — a real big band! Rebel Up DJs playing the rougher world music before and after so bring your dancing shoes.