Vietnam smell and sound

20150605 b-side vietnam installation

Tomorrow City Hands and I drive to Munster for a very special evening at B-Side where we both perform with a self-built installation inspired by Vietnam​. I’ll set up a smell-and-sound sensation inspired by the hectic traffic and amazing cuisine, can’t wait to see what the Pads came up with .. my first performance installation improvisation, really excited! Details at the facebook event.



Tomorrow (friday) I’m playing a show at Dutch Tapes in Dordrecht, with Kutwyv and Phantom Chips. See the facebook event for details. And saturday at the EAP Lab here in Den Haag, together with the duo of David Maranha & Helena Espvall, who dropped one of the best records I’ve heard in years this january, and the ever amazing electronics wizard Kacper Ziemianin. Again all details in a facebook event. Hope to see you at one of the shows!


20150422 grondwater festival

On friday april 10 Soft Is played a show at OCCII. Felt great to play with Thale, Helena and Rogier again. Too bad I forgot to announce the show here .. but I’m just in time to announce two shows here in Den Haag: tomorrow (wednesday 22) I’m playing a set at the first edition of the Grondwater Festival. It’s an evening packed with mostly local, mostly electronic artists, each playing a 22 minute set. I’m on at 20.30.

Then friday I play at the wonderful EAPLab, together with the french drum&electronics duo Helved Rüm, and polish diy electronics hacker Kacper Ziemianin aka Ctrl Freq. Yeah!

And at the end of the week, Manuela Tessi and I had off to Prague for a residency, followed by some dates in Berlin, but more about that soon.


November was quite a blast. First I played in Paris, solo and with Cathy Heyden, and then Luxembourg. Then I did a duo with drummer Onno Govaert at the Volkspaleis here in Den Haag, where we played on the massive speaker installation built by Konrad Smoleński. Such a pleasure to play with such a great musician. Video above is from this show. Then, off to Porto in Portugal, where I played a set with Javier Sasso at the Casa Viva. Javier is a noise musician from Valladolid in Spain, and he played a beautiful set that was at the same time loud, aggressive, physical, percussive and very personal and from the heart. Finally, to wrap it up, Manuela Tessi came over from Berlin and we played a sweet El Otro set at Villa K. We’ll try to get some footage of this show up at youtube sometime soon.

Paris et Cessange


Off to Paris tomorrow .. I’m playing solo at La Guillotine on sunday (see the facebook event for more info), followed by a short duo with the incredible Cathy Heyden. There are three more acts that sound very interesting so this will be well worth it if you happen to be in the neighborhood.

Then on friday the 7th I’m playing in Cessange in Luxembourg (another facebook event), with Peruvian experimentalist Tomás Tello and Benny Renz solo. Three different takes on the electric guitar, can’t wait!