Another one with Philipp

Helicopter is the artist collective in Den Haag that I’m part of. Sunday we organize an afternoon together with local sustainabililty initiative Duurzaam Den Haag and local neighborhood initiatives, in the context of the biggest Dutch grassroots festival Fête de la Nature. People can donate a tile, and will get a free plant back in return to make the city a greener place. Additionally, there’s a tour through our building with open studios, and we have some nice performances by Janneke van der Putten, Schlemil & Schlemazel, and Philipp and I play a set. Come exchange a tile, hang in the sun, and enjoy some nice performances!

Help Me To Crash video

The video of last thursday’s Help Me To Crash performance at OT301 is now on youtube. I really enjoyed this performance, it was great playing with Paulina Owczarek for the first time as she fit right in, and Gosia and Maria were crazier than ever. I hope you will enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed the performance.

Sonology Show Lab #31

Monday I’m playing a solo set at the Sonology Show Lab, a monthly event organized by some people from the Sonology department at the royal conservatory down here in Den Haag. Other sets by Liew Niyomkarn and Hendrik Hohlfeld. I’m trying out some new stuff, so pretty excited about it. And it’s a proudly free event so hope to see you!