Improvised solo guitar with objects and a few effect pedals. Pretty noisey, intense, energetic, with moments so quiet you hear the audience holding their breath. (read more)

Four chirping birds and a noisy guitar

Four strategically placed small speakers play bird songs, with my guitar providing an abstract minimal noisy backdrop for a fascinating meditative experience where birds, guitar, and any ambient sound can just be and play its part. (read more)

Three Amplifier Immersive Guitar Experience

Three opposing amplifiers, as far from each other as possible. Audience freely walks around to hear how perception of the sounds changes with location. Rudimentary, yet effective set-up allows me to direct the guitar sound to each amp individually while playing. True immersion lets you experience guitar like never before.


With Philipp Ernsting on drums. Shards of noise, drones, rock, kraut, stoner, raga and free jazz are mixed up on the spot into a pulsating universe with a strong flow yet without clearly recognizable rhythm or steady beat, stacking layers where timbre and sound trump melody and harmony. (read more)


A performance with Maria Mavridou that goes beyond movement and sound, feeding on uncertainty in pursuit of intensity. (read more)

Two Rivers

With Leo Svirsky on accordeon. Silent slowly moving tense and exciting ethereal improvisations on accordeon and guitar.

Arvind Ganga & Riccardo Marogna

With Riccardo Marogna on saxes & electronics. Improvisations varying from textured noise to moody atmospherics. Our album on A New Wave Of Jazz received a lot of praise from press, read more

Help Me To Crash

Help Me To Crash is a radical music and dance performance with Małgorzata Haduch and Maria Mavridou. All in the pursuit of fullness of expression, fullness of being together, fullness of life. And never stepping back. (read more)