Four perspectives on six strings

Sunday night: four different guitar acts .. I’m happy to join Yuri Landman on is home-made guitar-inspired instruments // Or Sobre Blau which is the duo of Andreu Ubaldo and Kiran Leonard // Flowers/Ghosts & Echoes the psychy duo of James McEwann-Alexandropoulos with Gonçalo Oliveira with live visuals. Nice sunday night in Den Haag, come down!

Gangpad premiere

SILVER GHOSTS is possibly Den Haag’s longest running tape label, steadily uncovering underground gems for some 15 years now. All sold out and highly sought after. This friday, April 12, Silver Ghosts celebrates the release of 2 new tapes at Helicopter.

The two new cassettes are by THE SUNSHINE LOUNGE and EERIEAR who will both perform live that evening. The newly formed duo GANGPAD, by Silver Ghosts’ head honcho Manuel Padding and myself, will play too. Manuel plays water drums and I’m playing an amplified piece of wood (no, I don’t mean a guitar). Facebook for details

SOTU Benefit

The SOTU festival is the number one underground festival, every year in Amsterdam. I’m happy to have played there multiple times, in different settings. This year there’s a benefit for the festival happening in my town of Den Haag, at de Samenscholing. And I’m happy to be a part of this! Drop by, this needs your support. See facebook for details

ADM Benefit

Tomorrow — another wild ride with Maria Mavridou, benefit for the ADM. Come support yet another beacon of freedom that fell prey to the hungry ghost of commercial consumerist capitalism. Details here

Liège tomorrow!

Tomorrow at the Festnoïzzz in Liège, festival organized by the L’Oeil Collectif. I’m playing in a trio with Tom Malmendier and Tomich, and later doing a solo set which I think will be pretty noisey. Looking forward to a long drive and some good old noise!