Asian adventures

In august and september I went to Asia. It’s not really necessary to say .. it was amazing. My first show was at Jam cafe in Bangkok, where I shared the night with four local experimental acts: Acid Wall, F-, Otto Shane, Hon Narongrit, and Kota Taki. Wonderful night, and great to meet so many local musicians.

While in Bangkok, I met with Nitipat Ong Polchai and joined his movement improvisation class as a visiting musician. Through this I met some people of the experimental dance improvisation scene in Bangkok. Hope to get back there some day.

After Bangkok, I went to Yangon on Myanmar, where I played at Myanm/art, a wonderful gallery that is very open to all kinds of art. Quite an experience to play in this country I never visited before. There is an emerging experimental scene here that I definitely want to keep an eye upon.

Finally, I played at The Edge in Chiang Mai, a wonderful riverside open air bar. Again a good opportunity to meet some local Thai and expat musicians: the first performance of Thai musicians Cat Culture, a hard rocking kraut-like set by Michael J. Oakley, and a beautiful and loud mix of visuals and sound art by Arnont Nongyao, with dj action in between by Lucid Picnic. Another wonderful night.