July 4: DinnerKafé & Concert Cremaschi/Vrba Duo & Ángel Faraldo

This wednesday, july 4, we’re hosting another dinner-café-followed-by-a-concert night at Villa K, Violenweg 2 in Den Haag. The menu is still a surprise, and trust me: it’ll be good! The music is not a surprise: the duo of George Cremaschi (double bass & electronics) and Petr Vrba (trumpet & electronics) from the Czech Republic, and local hero Ángel Faraldo. Read full info here and trust me, this will be good as well! Dinner starts at 19.00 and will cost you €3.50; concert is free and will start somewhere between 20:30 and 21:00. Donations for the concert are appreciated and will go straight to the musicians. You can come just for the music or just for the food, but be wise and come for both, 2 is always better than 1. Hope to see you all this wednesday!