KRoki reviewed


The Help Me To Crash performance at the KRoki festival in Krakow last march got a real nice review over at taniec Polska:

“This improvised, international quartet of two dancers and two musicians is a fascinating, unpredictable experience, borderline from sound and movement. The body becomes here a musical subject, uttering sounds and knocks, but also the specific played music seems to take shapes, becoming a physical existence, the circulating energy between the dancers, the engine to the action, an equal element in this story. Improvisation emerges as holistic, intense, individual at the same time common experience. The dynamic of the performance emerges from the interactions between sound and movement, it is cumulative and wild, gradually it eludes the artists, in order to hit them with double force. Striking, almost erotic dialogue between sounds and movements is not direct yet it pulsates, transforms, creates anxiety. Also the crash is ambiguous – can be a request for passion, for (self)destruction, for plunge into non-existence. The performers indeed “crash”, pierce to the other side, and the improvisation becomes almost transcendental initiation: a passage to another level of consciousness.”