Myriads 19

Thursday is MYRIADS #19 in Helicopter. With Qualm!, Haddow, and Tony. Groovey free jazz noise, improvised explorations with accidental acoustics & electronics, and a percussive performance with found objects and electricity.

QUAM! is a new Belgian/French trio operating on the border of free jazz, noise, and groovey things. Bass, drums, and an electronically enhanced trumpet by Farida Amadou, Tom Malmendier, and Timothée Quost. They just recorded a record for Colin Webster’s Raw Tonk Records so there you go.

HADDOW is a persona for improvised exploration of home made instruments, hardware processing and accidental acoustics. Jagged rhythm and instinctive voice build and crumble forming a primal sound between beat and drone.

TONY Guarino is a percussionist from NYC who is currently living in The Hague. He is interested in exploring the instrumental potentials of found objects and materials through improvisation.