Thursday is MYRIADS #19 in Helicopter. With Qualm!, Haddow, and Tony. Groovey free jazz noise, improvised explorations with accidental acoustics & electronics, and a percussive performance with found objects and electricity.

QUAM! is a new Belgian/French trio operating on the border of free jazz, noise, and groovey things. Bass, drums, and an electronically enhanced trumpet by Farida Amadou, Tom Malmendier, and TimothĂ©e Quost. They just recorded a record for Colin Webster’s Raw Tonk Records so there you go.

HADDOW is a persona for improvised exploration of home made instruments, hardware processing and accidental acoustics. Jagged rhythm and instinctive voice build and crumble forming a primal sound between beat and drone.

TONY Guarino is a percussionist from NYC who is currently living in The Hague. He is interested in exploring the instrumental potentials of found objects and materials through improvisation.