November was quite a blast. First I played in Paris, solo and with Cathy Heyden, and then Luxembourg. Then I did a duo with drummer Onno Govaert at the Volkspaleis here in Den Haag, where we played on the massive speaker installation built by Konrad Smoleński. Such a pleasure to play with such a great musician. Video above is from this show. Then, off to Porto in Portugal, where I played a set with Javier Sasso at the Casa Viva. Javier is a noise musician from Valladolid in Spain, and he played a beautiful set that was at the same time loud, aggressive, physical, percussive and very personal and from the heart. Finally, to wrap it up, Manuela Tessi came over from Berlin and we played a sweet El Otro set at Villa K. We’ll try to get some footage of this show up at youtube sometime soon.